AoS: Layering with the Rickshaw

Sep 19 2013

Fall is about to arrive and with it comes the best dressing season of all year (in my opinion). Layering is so fun! Lightweight jackets are so fun! Being able to walk outside in dainty shoes without slipping is so fun! Basically, fall is great–including for our Rickshaws. Simply throw on an undershirt underneath and top off with the tank. Sure to look hip.
Our Rickshaw Tanks ($29 sale!)
Layer with a black undershirt; bonus points for lace details like this one from H&M ($18)
Slim fit, ankle-length trousers like the much-raved-about J. Crew Minnies ($89)
Top off with a classic trench like this LL Bean Commuter Trench ($129)
Finish with some feminine, dainty heels like these from Zara ($70)
Outfit tips: 
- For undershirt choice, avoid long-sleeved tees in cotton fabrics–too casual. Choose an undershirt with a little cling and a wide scoop or v-neck. Lace detailing adds interest! For non-lace options, the Uniqlo Heattech longsleevesare great.
- To keep proportions right, I’d suggest tucking in the Rickshaw and throwing on a skinny belt
- Everyone should own one good, classic trench coat.
– jz

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