#TuesdayTunes: An “Autumn Almanac”

Sep 24 2013

It’s official. Fall has arrived! What are a few key selections on the playlist this month? Check it out:
Thematically, I was thinking “fall, end of the year, losing leaves, losing love?” Thus, there are several “love” songs. Though I suppose it’s hard to get too far away from songs about love any way you slice it. I also had to throw in something from Nirvana’s In Utero hitting its 20th anniversary! There was a great “All Songs Considered” recently on the album featuring Krist and Dave. Also needed a current hit, and enter JT and Jay-Z (the original JZ heehee). Finally, gotta have some fall classics. “Spooky” is clearly fall-feeling even if not explicit, but “Autumn Almanac” is definitely seasonally appropriate and a little better flowing for the list than “California Dreamin’” this time.
– jz
More tunes? Check ‘em out!

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