Inspiration/Aspiration: Perfect Little Bento Boxes

Oct 05 2013

Image via Edibleblog.

This fine Saturday in New York, I grabbed lunch at Ootoya, a wonderful Japanese restaurant in the Flatiron district. I love the languorous feel of dining here–the staff moves slowly, but deliberately allowing diners to enjoy excellent service without being rushed. The food similarly espouses a lento attitude, with trays full of little matching dishes that one can slowly go through. Take a sip here, a dip there. Today, I had the mini salmon don + soba set tray. Delicious. Want more.
Now that I’m back home, I am feeling particularly inspired by the time and effort spent in presentation with Japanese food. Enter, the perfect Japanese bento box lunches. These swept the internet a couple of years back, but gosh, why leave? They should take center stage again in my life, and in my own packing of my to-go lunches when time allows.
When things are decorated in this way, the eating is also more thoughtful and slow. And boy, couldn’t we slow down now and then?

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