Stuff We Love: Must have shades

Oct 10 2013

Left-to-right: Au Natural, For the Twill of It, Twin Sweater Set


If I had to whittle down my nail polish collection to three shades right now, these would probably be it.

First up, it’s Essie’s “Au Natural.” This shade has been in their collection for awhile. It may look like a yucky, blah shade of taupe in the bottle, but when it’s on with two coats, I simply must declare it the perfect nude nail polish. If I could only have one colour for the rest of my life, this would be it. No doubt about it.

“For the Twill of It” and “Twin Sweater Set” are both from Essie’s fall collection. The former gives you that vixen street cred and the latter gives you retro cred with a hint of orange. So fun!

– jz



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