Stuff We Love: YouTube gurus & makeup routines

Oct 16 2013

I’ve always been a fan of makeup myself, but for many years, I also stuck to a pretty basic routine:
Must haves in my old-school routine (2003-2009/2010):
L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner
- Some sort of blush (Laura Gellar’s literally never runs out)
- And occasionally, foundation or pressed powder (typically, Lancome Dual Finish)
- Dermatone (from ski shops)/Vaseline/Burt’s Bees for the lips
More recently, like in the last couple years, with the proliferation of YouTube gurus, I’ve discovered the joy that is the endless array of product reviews, demos, and of course, how-tos! Late at night, one can sometimes find me sitting with rapt attention in bed going from video to video. Thanks to these folks, I’ve learned the value of contouring, highlighting, and looking pretty damn great.
Here are a few of my fave gurus:
StyleSuzi – Love her, her attitude, and her down-to-earth Yorkshire accent. Suzi doesn’t give precedence to department store or drugstore brands. She’s just in it for the fun and beauty! I always view her makeup updates.
GossMakeupArtist – Another Brit and you will see, a dude! But he gives amazing tips on contouring and shaping. It’s a lot of great technical stuff. Definitely check out his tips on shaping the eyebrows.
MichellePhan – Duh. Who doesn’t know Michelle? I knew of her back in her old days blogging under the pseudonym “RiceBunny!” Kudos to her and her success! I much less frequent Michelle’s page as it’s more filled with interesting makeup looks, but it’s always interesting to see how one can totally transform herself/himself! Very creative.
So, as a result of my YouTubing, how has my makeup routine changed? 
1.I cannot live without an eyebrow pencil. I really like Rimmel’s because it’s cheap and easy to use! I use it on my brows and to add some contouring on my nose.
2.I’ve embraced waterproof mascara fully. If I ever do mascara, it’s with a good curl-holding waterproof one like Maybelline’s Falsies.
While everything else is pretty much the same, the subtly transformative power of the brows with some well placed contouring is quite brilliant. So if you haven’t already, head on over to YouTube, check out my guru suggestions, and add some pizzazz to your stale makeup routine.
– jz

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