DIY: Last minute costume ideas

Oct 28 2013

I am admittedly the worst–the worst–at Halloween. It always sneaks on me way, way too fast, and invariably, I have a lame costume. Last year was different–I actually planned ahead and made a papier mache fox max for my “Fantastic Mr. Fox” outfit. This year, not so much. Here are a couple of suggestions for those of you who may be in my boat right about now.
1. Wednesday Addams – our fave, and thematically appropriate, Addams family member:

- black, long-sleeved dress (or black shirt/sweater + black skirt)
- white collared shirt (or makeshift collar)
- black stockings
- black shoes
- dark hair (preferably) parted down the center in pigtails
2. Mad “Men” – There were tons of “Mad Men” themed parties over the years. Perhaps it’s a little played out, but hey, it’s a good and reliable costume. Instead of donning a Joan-worthy, curve-hugging dress, try cross dressing:

- Pant suit
- White dress shirt buttoned all the way up
- Skinny tie
Optional though awesome: plastic rimmed hipster glasses & a martini glass.
3. French Mime – for an evening of hilarious gesturing sure to get your friends guffawing all over the place, try the classic French Mime. Also great because by now, I’m sure everyone owns a striped shirt :)


- Black and white striped shirt
- Black and white face paint
- Black pants and shoes
Optional though awesome: beret, black vest or black suspenders
Ok, now you’re ready to take on the night!
– jz

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