AoS: Infallible Thanksgiving Outfits

Nov 13 2013




Heading to your Great Aunt Babs’s for Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s our Infallible Thanksgiving Outfit checklist:

1. A long-sleeved shift dress (like this Club Monaco dress $170) – What do we do on Thanksgiving? We eat. A shift dress is a great way to eat to your heart’s content without worry that you’ll be uncomfortable once you’ve finished a second helping of stuffing. It’s like the fancy-lady-dress equivalent of sweatpants. The long sleeves keep you warm and toasty in these cold days.

2. Big “Dynasty”-worthy jewelry (check eBay and Etsy for good deals) – A heavy statement chain like this adds a touch of interest and sophistication to your neckline. Great way to bring the interest up to your face and away from your midsection ;)

3. Our Elephant Wristlet (shown: Heloise $44) – Wristlets are a must to keep your hands free to carry the pumpkin pie you’re bringing the host. Also, no need to be carrying a lot–just your phone and keys and some touch-up makeup would suffice for Thanksgiving, ne c’est pas?

4. Lip stain (like this from Sephora $13) – Since there’s a lot of eating going on, the last thing you want is to fuss over your lipstick! Lip stains truly do have staying power. Guess what, it fits nicely in your wristlet too.

Ready, set, eat!

– jz

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