Instant Gratification: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Nov 22 2013

The honorable Miss Fisher, as she is often introduced, is a hot-to-trot, liberal 20s-era gal doing her Miss Marple crime-solving thing in wonderfully beautiful outfits and perfect hair. How do they do it? My bangs could never stay in place like that.

This show can be best summed up as Downton Abbey (for the charm) meets Boardwalk Empire (for the costumes and sexiness) meets Agatha Christie (for the criminal capers) and all wrapped with a big, pleasant bow (because everyone is ever so pleasant).
The first season of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is currently available on Netflix Instant. So if you’re in the mood for wholesome fun, give this series a try. (Don’t you love finding new series? That’s possibly hours upon hours of entertainment you’ve just found!)

– jz

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